Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014

Time flies so quickly. I still remember what I was doing on 31st Dec 2012 at this minute and another year is about to over, humans ! When everything comes to an end then we realize the importance of the time we spent and think that I could have done it better , things would have been better or what a fool I was.There is an stupid new year party going on outside my apartment where the DJ seems confused as what to play. I've heard a 90s song 4 times and it's pathetic. 

There was a time of land line where we used to speak to our friends / relatives to wish them but now things have indeed changed.People are becoming more and more independent by being dependent on technology.Internet has made everything possible.Distance keeps increasing between people. Although we keep our smart phones / tablets in our pocket to keep in touch but do not want to bear a pain to meet them.Whats app and Facebook have become an integral part of our life where you are reachable at any point of time. I heard a joke that people get addicted to whats app this much that its "last seen at" feature  killed many relationships . Do you remember after Facebook /Whats app how many of your friends you have called and wished them ? As they say there are pros and cons of technology.The advantage I can see is that we get updates from what is happening in people's life by their status /pictures  .But I really miss the old days of 90s .I don't believe on making resolution as they are irrelevant to the core.Western culture says that keep dancing , laughing and enjoying till 12 am and your whole year will go the same way , nonsense. I may sound that I am unable to cope up with this fast changing world but it's a fact. 

Anyway these are just few negative or true facts according to my experience till now.This New Year be around people who make you better, not bitter. 
My best wishes for everyone to have the courage to pursue what's best for your life. 

Stay tuned , I shall write again next year :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life= Sea

Life is like a sea in which waves keep coming with new sea stones and remove the old ones .Sometimes the tides are good enough to make their impact forever and sometimes it is just for time being to keep our foot prints on those sands. So as there are occasions in everybody's life when a person has to move from one phase to another.Most of the time we know where we are up to and sometimes we just go with the flow.For example when we leave schools ,college and change locations.These all implies a change in one's lifestyle and camaraderie.

Sometimes the change is for good and you think that you are at the right place at the right time,you have friends you think will never leave and you could easily surpass the hard time if it were to come in future .You think that this state is going to be forever .But oh ! how wrong you are ?I mean come on ..time changes everything .The most genuine example I could point out at the moment is bollywood celebs whom people worship in India.How many of them you had terribly liked in your childhood and now you do not give a damn whether they are still in existence ? That's the point. Human beings are vulnerable to the impact of time.Success and fame don't go a long way. But there are few exceptions always.

Sea has another world inside with millions of creature like on earth.Look at this small wish in the dark sea .It has created it's own world inside. These fishes still surviving inside despite the threatening presence of sharks or any other creature .But they feels safe in their own shell and restricted themselves to explore the rest of the world because they are scared to do so.
This is how we have grown up. There is back change that keeps us turning back and there is next change that keeps beckoning.Our boat is stuck between the two waves. If we had a glorious present then we are kind of afraid to what tomorrow will bring . Or we are caught between perfect today and promising tomorrow. We aspire to have a better tomorrow but we are skeptical to embrace the tomorrow.I think that's natural as human being. A lot of people who had triumph over the past failures have said that learn from  yesterday and work for tomorrow even better than you had imagined. Well it is easier said than done but I am agree with it.
Well that's where we are in life now. Always have a faith that this high tide of wave too shall pass and one day you will be on the top.Always aim for a crest where you can mark you own footprints so far ahead that only few others will reach. 

"We have always held to the hope ,the belief ,the conviction that there is better life ,a better world ,beyond the horizon ". Franklin D. Roosevelt

Happy day ahead ! 
We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/f/franklind389024.html#0E95oYceruzcHYUk.99
We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/f/franklind389024.html#0E95oYceruzcHYUk.99

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I wish I could sleep on this clouds during day and just live at night ..

With love

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Introspection is one part among the best avoided things in our life as it is called assessment of our thoughts and feelings. I got a luxury of time these days so thought to give it a try.I think that people around us do shape us in a way. Sometimes when I pretend to sleep at 3 AM in the morning I would go back to past and digs out such things which made me what I am today is.

I thought about the people who were in my life who are not there anymore and exist only in my memory.
I thought about the people who I thought would remain with me for longer but who left.
I thought about the people who I presumed insignificant but they played a major role .
I thought about the people who made me laugh ,cry ,the ones I considered my own.
I am sure that there are people like in yours life as well.But there are both positive and negative aspects of this process.One may turn out to be the successful , happy or negative or moderate or there are tons of way to define a personality.
But we can someway circumvent the unfavorable things by
  •  Choosing people we wanted to be with.
  •  Listen what you wanted , you may hear thousands of things.
  •  Follow your inner instinct sometimes.
By doing this we can lead our life the way we wanted to because life is too short to do the things you wanted to.I decided to do the same.
"We are after all the average of five people we most spend our time with".  Joanna Martin
( Spare few minutes on this article , you will feel connected to what he stated.)

May you will be able to apply in your life !

Have a happy day.


Monday, December 9, 2013


Kya Kabhi Savera
Laata Hai Andhera
Sookhi Siyahi
Deti Hai Gawaahi
Sadiyon Puraani
Aisi Ik Kahaani
Reh Gayi, Reh Gayi

Kya Kabhi, Bahaar Bhi, Peshgi Laati Hai
Aane Wale Patjhar Ki..
Baarishein Naaraazagi
Bhi Jataa Jaati Hain
Kabhi Kabhi Ambar Ki..

Patte Jo Shaakhon Se Toote
Bewajah Toh Nahin Roothe, Hain Sabhi..

Khwabon Ka Jharokha
Sach Tha Ya Dhokha
Maatha Sehla Ke
Nindiya Churaai
Sadiyon Puraani
Aisi Ik Kahaani
Reh Gayi, Reh Gayi

Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya 

Commendable . 

'Lootera' Review

I know I am late by couple of months to give my view about the movie as so much has been said and written about this Bollywood flick but, thought to pen down my observation.The movie is based in 50s and is a love story between two individuals . Love story started with a post independence dissolution of Zamindari system .

The Zamidar and his daughter 'Pakhi' live in Manikpur ( Bengal) in a palace full of precious antique pieces of hundreds of year old.
Varun ,claiming to be an archaeologist came to palace saying that he needs to excavate the zamidar's land to rake up ancient pieces.Pakhi seemed to fall in love with varun at first place.Frequent dinners, car rides and informal painting classes allow the two to explore each other’s feelings.
The first turn came when the government seizes Zamidar's land as part of new law to give only 15 acre land per zamidar ,leaving him in reduced circumstances.Varun expressed his feeling about pakhi to zamidar and said he will keep her happy always and also he would help zamidar to sold his ancestral pieces at international market.
The bigger twist came when the archaeologist whom the zamidar let inside his house on trust not only looted him but also left his daughter after promising her that he will marry her.After this betrayal Zamidar dies of shock ( not shown in movie) and his daughter moved to their dalhousie house to get rid of the past.The story continues when both meets again but now with mixed feelings of love and revenge.

The movie has super background music which keeps you tie with the emotions and also the whisper dialogue delivery takes away your attention.My eyes kept twitching seeing the greenery of Bengal and ravishing ice of dalhousie .Each frame was like a beautiful painting.I also like how the director beautifully connected the story of a king whose life was said to be in a parrot to the leafs of tree which pakhi thinks that her days are numbered as the number of leaf keeps falling from snow surrounded tree in front of her house.In the end when varun puts the leaf again on tree signaled his love for pakhi and will power to live.

I love the lyrics ,few lines :-

Zameer ki kahaani hai yeh
(Yehi bairaag hai, yehi bairaag hai..)
Shikayatein mitaane lagi..

Naa udne ki iss dafaa thaani
Parindo ne bhi wafaa jaani
Andhere ko baahon mein leke
Ujaale ne ghar basaaya hai
Churaya tha jo chukaaya hai
Shiqayatein mitaane lagi

Subah bedaag hai
Subah bedaag hai!

The movie is filled with love ,betrayal , and trust .I would say one of the best masterpiece of 2013.
Highly recommended .

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Since past few months I've encountered that I have been a slow reader and while reading unable to retain the information stated four lines before.Some one suggested me to go through the book named 'Read faster and better' by Norman Lewis .As I have been an online reader I searched the book on internet but ,all efforts were in vain .So I introspect myself and tried to figure out the root cause of this habit.

But before we get into it, let’s start with a basic question " What is the purpose of reading " ?

That sounds like a weird question and lots of from us never bother to think about it but still what made you to read at first place ?

The reason I could point out is that our brain recognized the content we are interested to read in and relates the info from outside world in it whether it is films , politics , sports etc and it depends on  individual.Last week I met a film director cum writer whose film got selected in Delhi film festival.When she was reading the newspaper for example any Bollywood celebrity interview (which I always look as a meaningless content) ,she was actually pointing out that why she/he said it and what made them to become more candid about their career /life and she sounds quite logical. The point is that every individual has practical and logical tactics to utilize to read non-fiction material more efficiently .its just that you are able to put the continuous efforts.

But when we’re young, the purpose of reading is to learn vocabulary and proper grammar. Therefore the way we’re taught to read when we’re young is designed to do that efficiently, not necessarily transmit information efficiently. What we have to do is to reorient the way we read to consume information and ideas efficiently. Grammar and vocabulary are prerequisites for this, but not the ultimate purpose.  For example in school we were taught to read by sounding every word and as we grow older we continue to posses that habit .I saw many people still counting on their fingers  :) .But is it the skills that have been developed or we do not want to give it another shape ? honestly, who remembers anything they learned in school?

The majority of our memories exist in our sub conscious mind and get activated in relevant context.Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody and something they say suddenly sparks a memory you hadn’t thought about in years? Yes it happens . The memories just need to be associated with something useful to come up.

I hope I would be able to incorporate few changes and able to read faster and retain more as I needed it desperately but still haven't figure out any methods to do so .Any leads would be appreciated whoever reading this post , please .

Good luck !